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Fibre Glass Tissue

Fibre Glass Tissue is a non woven, thin, flexible, uniformly bonded mat composed of technically resistant suitable Glass Fiber, distributed in a random, open porous structure, bonded together with an inert material.

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Mineral Wool

Loose Mineral Wool is a high temperature insulating fibers processed from natural Rocks of selected quality. The Loose  Mineral Wool having  exceptionally long fibers and superior technical properties essential to meet severe service condition. Loose Mineral Wool can be used  for insulating equipments, tanks, pipelines, ovens, furnaces,  and buildings. The properties of Loose Mineral Wool includes incombustibility , water repellent, odorless, non-corrosive , non-settling, fire resistant, heat resistant and sound absorption.

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BITUMEN GRADES 85/25, 90/15, 115/15, 10/20
BITUMEN oxidized bitumen is produced from a first class heavy crude oil under carefully controlled operating conditions.It show excellent physical stability- no exudation or bleeding in contact with highly absorbtive materials and a remarkeble resistance against aging and atmospheric corrosion.

Packing :
A. in drums of approx 150 kgs.
B. in multiply silicon treated paper bags of 50 kgs.
C. in blocks of about 60 kgs. individually shrunk in silicon treated paper.
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Tiki Plast

An ideal cold applied bituminous compound for waterproofing caulking purpose and sealent.
TIKI PLAST is a cold applied bituminous compound having multiple uses for stopping leaks through cracks of concrete roofs, walls, porous masonry, J-Bolts of A.C. / G.I. corrugated sheets, as sealants for plate, joints of wagons, coaches and buses. As caulking agent for crevices and vertical joints between steel plates, folded section wood joints, precast concrete claddings, blocks, underground tanks etc. and as an adhesive for rain guards for rubber trees.
Packing : 500 gm/1/5/20/25/250 Kgs capacity Tins / Drum

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Tiki Bond

A cold bituminous adhesive for sticking bitumen felts.
TIKI BOND is a specially formulated cold applied adhesive made from suitable grade of Bitumen. It is of a semi liquid, creamy consistency, ideally suited for fixing of Bitumenised Roofing Felt/Membranes on Metal, timber, tiles, asbestos, corrugated sheets, concrete and masonry surface. Also ideally suitable for waterproofing over roofs of railway, carriages, buses etc.

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Tiki Flash
TIKI FLASH is a dual purpose anti-corrosive premium quality Protective Coating, having waterproofing qualities with decorative finish/paint and reduce maintenance cost,Designed for the most common roof types and Easy to apply.
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Tiki RBA Compound
TIKI RBA COMPOUND (C.P.R.X.) is a cold applied rubberised bituminious adhesive in the form of an emulsion of brushable consistency

Packing: 500 ml/1/4/20/ltrs. capacity tins/ drums.

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  Chicken wire Mesh
Perforated Sheets (Aluminium, MS & GP)
Hessians Fire Retardant,Laminated Bitumanised.
GI Precoated Plain and corrugated sheets
Grooving Machine
GI Binding wire
Pop Rivate Machine
Pop Rivate
Fibre Glass Cloth & Tape
Blown Bitumen
Self Adhesive Tape
Alluminium Foil
Alluminium Strip
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