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Product Description
These are readymade insulation tiles suitable for homes, showrooms, office, hospitals, IT buildings, banks and hotels. Thermocole (EPS) sheets are available in snow-white color, which can be easily painted in any color by brush or spray only with water based paints and emulsion. EPS sheets are lightweight product, rigid containing 98% by volume still air entrapped in its millions of minute closed cells. EPS false ceiling and under ceiling facilitate to avoid external radiation flowing directly into the room, either air-conditioned or non air-conditioned. If it is non-airconditioned room then these sheets help in keeping the room cool, and if it is air-conditioned room then these help in reducing the power consumption.
Thermocol (EPS) sheets are available in 5 mm to 250 mm thickness and 1 m x ½ m and 1 m x 1 m size. Its density can be supplied from 15 kg/M3 to 30kg/M3. We make these sheets according to the customer’s specification. These sheets are the ideal product for packaging food items like seafood, vegetables and other edible or perishable items because it protects these items from any kind of fungus or spores
  Low thermal conductivity and moisture absorbing properties gives protection from temperature

variation and humidity.


Satin Finish, Snow white and Clear.

  Fungus resistant contains Accoustics properties

Light weight and Shock proof.


Non-toxic and Leak proof.


Provides Cushioning against breakage, withstand extraordinary stress and vibration.


Versatile - can be easily moulded in any size, shape and thickness.

Other Characteristics

Expanded Polystyrene (Thermocole) offers a non hydroscopic, odorless, rigid, closed cell Expanded Polystyrene containing 98% by its volume still air entrapped in its cell and is the major reason for its excellent insulation properties.  Because of its closed cell structure, it offers a remarkable resistance to unwanted heat, chill and moisture to penetrate through it and also gives a rigid, structurally strong product to withstand various kind of loads and vibrations. It does not decay or age with the time and gives permanent life long insulation without regular maintenance.  Perfect, even and plain surface makes its suitable to opt it for false roofing and easy to install, carry and plastering on it.

Available in rectangular slabs and semi-spherical pipe sections in all range of sizes and thickness to suit every individual's requirement.

It is fully resistant to all concentrated acid expect (HNO3 and H2SO4) but it is non resistant to aliphatic, hydrocarbons, Ketones and chlorinated hydrocarbons and is affected by ultraviolet rays. It turns yellow and ultimate become brittle if left permanently exposed to sun.

Typical Properties
Density Range   15-30 Kg/m
Thermal conductivity at 10 mean temperature   0.028-0.031 Kcalm/hr. m c
Compressive Strength   0.8-1.6 Kg/cm
Cross breaking Strength   1.4-2.0 Kg/cm
Tensile Strength   3-6 kg/cm
Application Range   -200 +80 C
Water absorption by % Volume for 7 days in water   0.5%
Self ignition point    300 C
Melting Range   100 - 200 C
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