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Product Description

Lightly resin bonded mattresses (LRB) consists of fine fibers spun fromlected rocks melted at high temperature and bonded with a thermosetting resin. They are Machine laid fiber lay pattern and are baked to form mattresses of predetermined density and thickness.

Mattresses are then chopped slit and stitched to specified dimensions. LRB has excellent stability. It has controlled thickness and density resulting in predictable heat losses
Product Specification
 As Per IS 8183:1993
Size Thickness Density Facing Standard Service Temperature
Varies by Manufacturer(Standard : 1520 mm x 1220 mm and 1640  mm x 1220 mm) 25 mm to 100mm
80,100,120,150 Kg./Cu.M G.I. Hexagonal wire netting of size 3/4" x 24 G. One Side -50°Cto+800°C
Thermal Conductivity
L.R.B mattresses have extremely low K values for wide range of temperatures.

Compression Resistance & Sound Absorption

Excellent compression resistance and sound absorption by virtue of its scientific fibre lay pattern which ensures controlled dispersion of air pockets

Moisture Resistance

LRB Mattresses are good resistant to water vapour, most common salts and chemicals.It is moisture resistant and do not absorb moisture from atmosphere.

Corrosion Resistance

L.R.B mattresses do not cause, initiate or promote any kind of corrosion.

L.R.B mattresses are very flexible. They will essentially retain thickness while conforming to any irregular shape. Retention of fibers by the wire mesh prevents cracking or breaking of mattresses.

Fire Resisitance

Incombustible when tested as per IS :3144 (Melting Point of fibers is above 1000 °C (1825°F)
Why Resin Bond & Machine Stitch

L.R.B. is scientifically processed fibrous insulants composed of fibres which are laid in the optimum configuration to offer maximum resistance to heat flow. To retain these exceptional properties up to the point of end-use, fibres are interlocked by lightly bonding them together using a thermosetting binder. Subsequently, matts are factory stitched to specified wire mesh using a continuous stitching machine to permit a ready-to-use configuration.

Salient Features
  Higher Thermal Performance, as it is made out of Rockwool and not slagwool.
  Eliminates setting and sagging.
  Longer Life, permitting reuse after removal during maintenance.
Environment Friendly, as there is no chicken feathering (which normally pollutes the environment). It is ECO friendly to personnel due to the chemistry of fibres.
  Uncontaminated, as manufacturing is totally a Dry Process.
  Application Friendly, as it permits very fast installation
  Can feature Resistance to Capillary if needed
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