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Product Description
Rockwool Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) consists of fine fibres spun from molten natural rock bonded with a thermosetting resin. The sections are moulded to ensure a firm fit around the piping and the outer surface is ground to ensure the correct insulation thickness is achieved.and to provide a smooth,even surface.
Rockwool SPI products are available for hot face temperatures upto 750°C. Rockwool SPI are supplied as one-piece sections of one metre length, slit along the longitudinal axis. Sections are easily installed by opening the slit and springing the section into position over the pipe.
Product Specification
IS: 9842 BS:3958 Part-4 ASTM C 547-95
Length Thickness Density Diameter Range Service Temperature
0.5,0.75,1.0 mts. 25,40,50,60,65, 75mm
Other thickness from 20 to 100mm in steps of  5mm can also be made available.

12.5mm to 350mm Nominal Bore
Outer Diameter of Pipe to be specified.

100°Cto + 800°C
Rockwool SPI can be supplied faced with fiberglass tissues, scrim cloth, canvas or reinforced aluminium foil / kraft paper laminates. Other finishes available against specific orders.
Sound Absorption
Excellent sound absorption by virtue of its scientific fibre lay pattern which ensures controlled dispersion of air pockets and precise air flow

Why Use Preformed Pipe Section

Mandrel wound and concentrically formed form fitting Pipe Sections, Precisely made to fit standard pipe diameters offer uniform maximum resistance to passage of heat along and around the entire 360 degrees of the pipe axis. Superior density of this product enhances compression resistance in service. These sections are easy to fit and hence afford speedy application at site.

Specification Conformance

Rockwool SPI are manufactured from select rocks using State of the Art Technology conform to local & International Standards such as,


Rockwool Rigid Pipe Section provide excellent acoustic properties and can improve the level of enviromental sound in case of pipes carrying high velocity gases, fluids or slurries.


Rockwool Fibres are chemically inert and are non-corrossive with Ph value between 7.5-8.5. The chloride content is negligible and does not support corrosion.


Excellent thermal, acoustic and fire insulation.


Low installation cost - Almost five to six times faster than conventional methods of insulation.


No wastages- Rockwool SPI are tailor made performed thermal pipe insulation material and hence no wastage.


Easy installation - Snap on performed pipe sections - extremely easy to install.


Tight-Fit-Inner surface of Rockwool SPI fits exactly on the outer-surface of the piping.

Higher strength - Higher rigidity of Pipe sections reduce the thickness of the cladding and overall insulation

No maintenance, Non-combustible, Water repellent.


Ideal material for quick repair of piping while in operation.

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